Rabbit fur coats and jackets

Balli Furs is specializing in rabbit fur coats and jackets since 1970. Manufactured in our own factory in Kastoria, rabbit furs have always been our area of expertise and our designers bring out the best in every year’s collections. Combining decades of fur manufacturing expertise with modern fur fashion, our line of rabbit furs is offered through fashion stores all over the world.

The high quality of Balli Furs garments begins with the selection of rabbit fur skins. Experts in rabbit fur make sure that the right skins and rabbit fur plates are used for our models. Dressing and dying is also carefully handled in order to obtain new rabbit fur colors that dominate fashion catwalks every year.

Balli Furs rabbit fur jackets are well known for their style and quality. Our rabbit fur collection is presented every year at the Milan and Kastoria International fur fairs.